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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wood ducks...

I know I go on about them all the time, but wood ducks are among my favorite birds because I can readily identify them by flight, sight, and sound (which is a fairly large feat for me) sometimes I can do one or two out of three, but usually not all three, and I just think they are great birds.

They are fly off fairly quickly, and I was not able to get a great picture, but I have started to see wood ducks all around the Red Clay, and found a great flock while we were out monitoring conservation easements the other day.  This is a photo of the birds in flight--you'll just have to trust me that they are wood ducks.  I'll get a good picture at some point this fall and post it for everyone to see!

A great winter project to consider is building wood duck nesting boxes for placement in late February to early March.   If you are in need of nesting box plans, contact The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County or your local wildlife officer

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