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Monday, September 9, 2013

Global Day of Service

This Saturday, September 7th was a glorious day, and some Whole Foods employees spent the morning hours at Stateline Woods Preserve for their Global Day of Service. We had eight employees that came out to help us clear away competition from the tree cages where we are in the process of developing hedgerow habitat. 

We had a few bee stings, a lot of "backtalk" from the multi-flora rose, and some distractions by caterpillars, praying mantis', and birds but got a lot accomplished!

At the end of the planting, each volunteer was allowed to pick two trees from our native nursery to plant along the hedgerow.   Thanks so much Whole Foods Market: Glen Mills for your assistance out on the preserve! Volunteers are ESSENTIAL to us fulfilling our mission, and we always appreciate their help.  If you are interested in volunteering with TLC, we have a very busy September, and are happy for your help.  Contact to learn about all of our upcoming events.

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