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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Migration Ahead of Schedule??

There was very heightened hummingbird activity at my feeders from August 15 through August 20th--it wasn't uncommon to see six to ten hummingbirds in the course of a day.  I went from refilling my feeder once every week and a half to refilling it three times within that period of time.  However, the activity rapidly dropped off from August 21st through August 30th, and I have not yet re-filled my feeder, and it is only 1/4 empty.  Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed this phenomenon, and there has been some chatter on the birding list serves about the apparent hummingbird drop off. 

This leads to discussions of fall migration, and get ready for it....according to both the hummingbird movement (migration seems to be about 3 weeks early) and the farmers almanac--get your snow boots/shovels/hats/gloves ready for a cold and snowy winter.  We'll see if that prediction holds true come next March/April!

I bring this up because along with the conversations on the birding list serve there came a link to a wonderful set of pdf's to help us better identify those difficult migrating warblers. This holiday weekend we recommend that you visit this website to view the guides, then with your binoculars see if you can find early migration activity at TLC's newest preserve: Marshall Bridge Preserve! Click HERE to view directions and the amazing interactive trail maps courtesy of one of TLC's unsung hero's of the summer: Chad Hudson. 

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