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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TLC's Weekend on the Trails

This past Sunday, TLC led another invasive species clinic with an interested Home-Owners-Association. The focus of our clinic this month was Celastrus orbiculatus or Oriental Bittersweet.  We had a great turnout of kids and adults, all ready to help save some of the trees throughout their open space that were being inundated with vines. 

We cut the vines at chest height and again at ground level.  We chose to cut these vines in the fall when the leaves have turned yellow.  Cutting the vines when the leaves are yellow allows you to avoid the re-sprouting of the stump. This is the most efficient method of control for Oriental Bittersweet but if fall cutting does not fall into your schedule, there are other methods that exist.

If your Home-Owners-Association is interested in a hands-on invasive species clinic, please contact our Landscape Visionaries coordinator today: or 610-347-0347 ext. 103 to set up your appointment.  

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