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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sustainability Saturday

Top Bar Hive @ TLC apiary
This past weekend The Land Conservancy kicked-off our monthly Open Hive Days AND our new members-only series called How Things Work at Longwood Gardens.

A big thanks to the large group of beekeepers, both current and potential, for joining us for the opening month! TLC's beekeeper, Dan Borkoski, was able to show the new Top Bar Hive we received over the winter. This new type of hive is beneficial because it is portable, easier to observe and access, and some say that it is a more natural way to manage honeybees. TLC's Open Hive Days occur once per month from May - October every year. Click here to register for an Open Hive Day!

Solar Fields @ Longwood Gardens
The beautiful Saturday afternoon continued on with a behind-the-scenes tour of Longwood Garden's sustainability efforts in the solar & compost field. Ed Lloyd, Matt Taylor and Dave Fraczkowski gave TLC members a unique tour of the solar fields followed by a tour of the composting fields. How Things Work: Longwood Gardens is a three-part series. Part II will take place on Saturday, July 12th and will explore the library and historical archives of Longwood. Part III will be held Saturday, September 6th and will be a private tour of the new meadow garden. Click here to register for parts II and III!

Don't worry if you were unavailable last weekend to attend either event -- both are reoccurring and we welcome you to join us next time! Visit our website to see more education programs going on this summer!

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