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Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Break in Nature

TLC recently offered a Spring Break in Nature program during most local school's spring breaks to offer kids the opportunity to enjoy their time off. We first encountered a rainy day, but there were a handful of brave souls who persevered despite the weather. It was rather fitting on that day since we were going to be looking at life in the water!
Categorizing macroinvertebrates.
We explored the role of macroinvertebrates in the Red Clay  Creek, and found flatworms, midges, caddisflies and other larvae suggesting an average water quality rating. Fortunately, the remainder of the week was dry!

Bird nest creation.
One day consisted of habitat building using natural items, where we switched gears into the mind of a bird. What types of items would make for a good nest? Together, we created a bird nest and learned about the long process a bird must go through, especially without hands! The group also created a natural habitat made from a fallen beech tree and its branches. The best way to enjoy and learn about nature is to play in nature.

Natural habitat building.

TLC also holds a similar program in August called, Free Time Adventures in Nature. Please contact or call 610-347-0347 x 104 for more information on this event! See more youth programs here:

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