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Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you celebrating National Nest Box Week?

National Nest Box week was organised by the British Trust for Ornithology in 1997 (hence the spelling of the word organized) in order to build awareness about the loss of habitat for nesting birds.  They encouraged the building and placement of bird boxes throughout the UK to counteract the removal of trees.  They estimate that currently 5-6 million boxes  have been placed in gardens around the UK due to this initiative.  
Bluebird Boxes have helped to combat the decline of bluebirds through our country!

The Avian Promise has coordinated with the BTO to bring this fabulous idea across the pond. At TLC, we strongly support the placement of nesting boxes and encourage National Nest Box week to go worldwide.  We have come up with some things you can do to prepare nesting sites for our avian friends this spring:
  • Build your own nesting boxes. There are many different types of boxes to choose from depending  type of habitat you have in your backyard and your skills as a carpenter: Bluebird, Wood Duck, Bat, Screech Owl, Kestrel, Barn Owl, Wren are just a few of the many boxes to choose from.  We recommend purchasing Landscaping for Wildlife from the PA Game Commission at: for the most comprehensive and correct dimensions for building boxes.
  • Purchase a bird box from your own local conservation organization.  At TLC we currently have bluebird boxes for sale for $20 a piece, contact our offices if you are interested.  We recommend that you purchase and hang two bluebird boxes in order to ensure that bluebirds will use your box.
  • If your property is not sufficient for the box that you would wish to see hung, you can typically sponsor a bird box at your local conservation group's nature preserve.  You can assist with cleaning out the boxes and receive updates about what is living in your box from the organization.  You can sponsor a box at TLC's  Stateline Woods Preserve by clicking HERE.
  • If you are not interested in boxes increase nesting opportunities by planting shrubs or trees around  your property.

Early March, we will discuss the spring cleaning of your boxes! Happy National Nest Box Week, even if you are on our side of the pond!

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