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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spotted in the woods

I spent this past Sunday at the Iron Hill Park cheering on my friends as they rode in the various bike races throughout the day.  It was also the venue of the first race in the Trail Creek Outfitters Trail Race Series.  Race number two will be taking place at The Land Conservancy's Stateline Woods Preserve on Saturday, May 14.  If you haven't yet signed up for the race, there is still time!

While we were trekking through the woods to reach the "Mega-Dip" to watch the bikers agony as they came up the VERY STEEP hill, I got distracted by some plants.  My friends who are used to me, were not very shocked by this, but I think the avid mountain bike racers that were there for the days events were surprised to see some person getting so excited about a little purple flower on the ground.  Well, it was the first native orchid of the year for me, and I was very excited.   I think you would have been too, if you happened to spot this on your trek through the woods.  

Galeorchis spectabilis or Showy Orchid is a native woodland perrennial plant which is a typically overlooked plant by those chasing the showy and elusive pink lady slipper, however, I think this plant is a beauty in it's own right.  As I keep reminding you, it is very important to watch where you step, you never know what you may come across.  Here is the G. spectabilis that was spotted this weekend.

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