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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In My Garden....

I finally got to spend some time wandering around my flower beds over the past couple of days, and I was pleasantly surprised to see some various plants blooming (or starting to vigorously grow) so I thought I would share them with you.  A great early favorite in my garden is a plant that I have mentioned quite a bit in recent posts: Aquilegia canadensis or American Columbine.  


The next of my plants that typically blooms is Tradescantia virginiana or Spiderwort, not entirely sure of the species as I rescued it from a trail that got repeatedly mowed so it would have died anyway (and I had permission from the landowner).

I was very excited to see that my Andropogon gerardii, Big Bluestem is starting to sprout for the summer. By the fall, this grass is typically 4-6' in height and makes an excellent backdrop/cover for sitting on my front porch.  

As the growing season wears on, I'll continue to give you updates from my garden as well as from the field.  I am never completely happy with the plant arrangement in my garden so I'm always, adding, subtracting or moving plants though I have a few favorites that I will not part with.  Some of them continue to get bigger throughout the year. 

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