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Friday, June 22, 2012

Found in the meadow

We were out in the heat removing some invasive shrubs in a meadow when I came across a sight for sore eyes!  A native rose! I'm fairly sure it is Rosa palustris (Swamp Rose).  It was quite exciting to be able to focus on a NATIVE for once! I thought that I would share my excitement, and photographs with you.  Native roses are a great and typically more disease resistant alternative to the knockout's and other roses that are in abundance. 

Planting native roses is a great way to provide habitat and cover for birds throughout the year.  It can also help you with deer browse if that happens to be an issue. The photograph of the stem is one of the ways that you can distunguish the native roses from the infamous Rosa Multiflora.  The Multiflora Rose has more hairs on its stems and curved thorns as opposed to the more pleasant straighter thorns of our native roses.  My last word of advice on roses, if you are not sure of Rose ID, I would recommend purchasing the roses from a reputable native plant dealer so that you do not end up with the invasive Multiflora Rose!

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