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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tracking Along...

Fresh snow is a wonderful canvas to learn all about animal tracks.  It is fun to take a hike out in the woods after snow to see what animal is out and about--after all, they never have a #SnowDay.  They still need to "make a living" whether or not snow is on the ground.  For some creatures, snow makes it easier for them--the smaller rodents are a little better concealed from their predators, and able to take longer than they might frolicking in an open field.

Can you recognize the track in the photographs?  The distinct pattern of where the four feet are placed should give it away. 

Have you guessed yet??

This is the track of an Eastern Cottontail (bunny rabbit), my guess is it is probably the same one that occasionally likes to make a snack out of my Echinachea but I'll let him/her slide this winter!! Did you know that PA is home to three species of rabbits/hares? The other two are: Appalachian Cottontail and Snowshoe Hare.  These are both extremely rare and unusual to spot!

Bundle up and come out to one of our wonderful winter programs or visit a TLC Preserve to try your hand at tracking:  Remember to send us your pictures!!

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