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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homeowner Association Clinic

 Many Home Owners Associations have open spaces or common areas which typically have trails and provide some habitat for our local flora/fauna.  One local Home Owners Association was interested in learning more about ways to control invasives on their property, and maintain the trails through there open space. TLC's Landscape Visionaries team was hired to do clinics where we take interested residents around their common grounds and control invasives, talk about native plants, help build water bars, and other control tactics.  These pictures are from the second in a four part series of clinics for this local HOA.  The top picture is where I am professing my love for Asclepias Tuberosa (Butterfly weed--OR THE MONARCH FLOWER--click here to see previous posts and more information).  One of the people on the hike asked what the orange flower was in the middle of the field, which lead to a long discussion about the wonders of Asclepias in general!

In the bottom photo, I am pointing out a least favorite native plant of most normal people (besides those of us who are not affected by the rash) I'll give you a hint..leaves of three....yup---Poison Ivy.  After a few more stops to chat about various plants along the way, we made our way into the woods to target some invasive trees that were fairly prominent along the trail.  In addition to combating the invasive plants, we also ended up opening up sections of the trail that were becoming overgrown with species such as Lonicera maackii (Amur Honeysuckle) among others!

Is your HOA interested in learning ways that you can better manage your open space?? Contact us today to learn more!!

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