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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun bird with the fall migration

Red Crossbill PhotoThere was a sighting of a Red Crossbill in Chester County this week, just another unusual migrant that is coming into our area at this time.  This bird is a stocky finch that eats cones as it's primary food source so it would be most often found near a coniferous forest or stand of trees.  They have very usual beaks--which actually cross! There is an interesting article about the "irruption" (unusually high population numbers in strange places) predicted for this fall--given the sightings that are popping up, it is definitely happening.  Check out this link: for more information about the Red Crossbills and their irruption, or just keep your eyes and ears peeled for the bird that is pictured. 

Remember to keep your eyes to the skies and stay alert during migration periods--there is no telling what you may encounter!

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