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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wilmington's Peregrine Falcon's

Peregrine Falcon's are the prized bird of any falcon hunter and have been used in falcon hunting for century's. This tradition was helpful when the  Peregrine's faced near eradication in the mid-20th century due to pesticide poisoning.  Working together, conservationists and falconers were able to reestablish populations of these amazing birds.  They have one of the longest migrations of any bird, and can fly up to speeds of 112 mph in pursuit of prey (I wouldn't want to be their snack would you?) and in their hunting swoop can reach speeds of 320 mph--much to the relief of everyone reading this, even my car can't reach those speeds!!

A Peregrine Falcon was first spotted in Wilmington, DE in 1991, and a group of people working with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife put up a nesting box.  Over the years they have kept track of these falcons and the breeding cycles, and have an amazing webcam on their nest as we speak.  Check out the webcam to see what these falcons are up to: and be sure to check out the history and all things about the Wilmington Peregrine falcons at:

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