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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tracks in the Snow

TLC is hoping for a light dusting of snow on February 16th for the second part of our Wildlife in Winter series: Camouflage because snow is a great time to observe what animals might be hanging out around your house (or nature preserve).  

Over the years, I have found great tracks from mink, raccoon's (easily my favorite), fox, and once even a coyote....the snow is a fun way to see what is out and about in your area.  Keep your fingers crossed for a light dusting of snow so you can find tracks at Bucktoe Creek Preserve for our Wildlife In Winter Series, and click HERE to sign up. 

Here's a track that I came across the last light dusting of snow that we had.  Any guesses???

I'll give you a hint--Peter Cottentail would like hanging out with this small mammal....

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