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Friday, January 24, 2014

Red Among The White

Spring planting season may seem like it is eons away, but it is really only a few months (THANK GOODNESS!!).  Among all of the white landscape, one plant stood out that I thought was worth mentioning to put on your spring planting "to-do" list.   

Cornus sericea (Red Twig Dogwood) is a plant that grows quickly, likes wetter soil, and has beautiful characteristics no matter what the season. It features white blooms in the spring followed by a bushy green appearance throughout the summer.  In addition to its beauty, the plant provides high wildlife value to song birds and serves as a host plant for the Spring Azure.  The white berries are loved by songbirds, and persist through the fall--at least until they are all consumed.  As the leaves start to drop from the shrub, the red twigs are a show of their own.   This plant will spread through root suckers where it is happy, so you can get a maximum from your investment.

TLC's Landscape Visionaries team is available to give you more tips about wonderful native plants to include in your spring planting.  Schedule your appointment by calling 610-347-0347 ext. 103 or online:

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