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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Residents? of Marshall Bridge Preserve

 If you are not a tracker, you may not recognize the footprints to the left, but they are of Castor canadensis or (American beaver) who is spending some quality time along the Red Clay Creek at TLC's Marshall Bridge Preserve.

Beavers have a fairly bad rap of negatively impacting the ecosystem around them, and many conservation organizations have had to take proactive approaches to removing them from their properties.  In the creation of their homes, they can remove valuable trees that are part of a riparian buffer.  They also will dam up creeks and floodplains to create a disruption in the flow of water, erosion of stream banks, and flooding in abnormal places.

Beavers also have positive impacts on water quality and habitat by creating wetlands and slowing down sedimentation.  We have decided for the moment to monitor our beaver population and see if living in harmony with our residents is suited for Marshall Bridge Preserve.

If you happen to see activity please let us know, and send pictures our way!! Also, if you are hiking at Marshall Bridge Preserve, view our new bird blind--you can rent it for optimal duck viewing activities!

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