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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Warmer Weather for now!

Today's temperatures make it feel like summer out there, mostly because we have been used to cold, dreary days with no sunshine and precipitation mostly in the form of SNOW.   However, today's temperatures have me thinking about cleaning out nesting boxes and starting to prepare for spring nesting season.  It may seem a little off, but Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird will be starting to scope out homes to create their nest in the next two weeks.   This also means that Wood Duck nesting season is almost upon us! Make sure to check out the activity along the Red Clay Creek at Marshall Bridge Preserve.  Wood Ducks can be pretty flighty, but you can view them and other wildlife from our Eco Shack.

At TLC, we'll be setting up a day in the near future to invite our Nesting Box Sponsors out to clean out nesting boxes and starting to look for spring arrivals.   If you want to join in the fun--sponsor a nesting box (and a home for birds on TLC's Preserves) and visit your box in all seasons.

Last year we found a screech owl in one of the boxes!! We'll be sure to fill you in with what we find this year!! 

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