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Friday, April 4, 2014

Board Volunteer Work Day

New access trail at Stateline Woods Preserve.
Thanks to TLC's dedicated board members, we accomplished a great deal of spring cleaning at Stateline Woods Preserve on this damp morning. One of the trails was completely rerouted and is now accessible for walkers, runners and our canine and equestrian pals. The old driveway trail that passed by TLC's shed is now restricted to better accommodate visitors by providing a safer, quieter, and more scenic route through the preserve. The photograph on right is of the new trail through the hedgerow.

In just under three hours we were able to lay down wood chips and gravel on the new trail, clear and clean tree cages along additional hedgerows, remove brick, block, and large stones from a fall tree planting area, fill 5 bags of trash from an old farmer's dump site, and delivered hundreds of used plastic plant pots to Kennett Township's Recycling Center.   In addition to all that we also organized our nursery and resource yard.  We then followed our busy morning with lunch and a few laughs.

Organized nursery and resource yard
Truck being loaded with debris

A big thanks to TLC's awesome board members!  
See you next time!

Betsy driving the gator
Job well done!

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