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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plant Reveal

The plant that was shown yesterday is Aquileg1ia canadensis (American Columbine).  This is a beautiful spring flower that is very showy in it's native form.  You can actually purchase this flower in various colors, but I prefer the natural red and yellow color.  It is a great plant in your garden, and a nice change from the bleeding heart which everyone has in their garden.  Yesterday, I noted that this plant does not like competition, this is important to note when you plant it.  Make sure you pay close attention to what the leaf looks like because this plant will hop around your garden to find a spot where it will not face competition . It is a woodland plant, so it prefers partial shade.   My A. canadensis typically jumps over to very close to where the sidewalk crosses the garden.  Another of my favorite native alternatives to bleeding heart is Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchmen's breeches).   This is the plant that is pictured today.

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