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Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Reads for the Cold Rainy Days (and Nights)

If I haven't yet mentioned it, winter is probably my least favorite time of the year.  I appreciate the beauty of winter, but I could really do without the cold weather.  In the winter, it takes very little to encourage me to curl up with a good book so I thought if you were in my boat, you'd like to hear some of my favorite winter reads which make the nights a little bit warmer (or in the case of one book makes you feel bad about complaining)

Bernd Heinrich's Winter World is a great book which allows you to take a glimpse of how some of our smaller creatures survive the cold in the winter.  If you are not a naturalist at heart, this may not be the book for you because it is fairly science based. I did spring this one on my book club (mostly non-science minded people) and the likes far outweighed the dislikes of this book. 


Sara Stein's Noah's Garden is a book that speaks to me.  Sara lets her lawn lapse into a meadow and replaces non-native invasive ornamental species with native plantings.  Is anyone surprised that I like this book?  I think it offers a great look at how you too can create a new habitat in your backyard.  Plus this book makes me think of spring and plantings and I get to escape the cold winter for a least a few moments!!

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