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Monday, January 14, 2013

Spoon Billed Sandpipers

A recent email blast from the Cornell Lab for Ornithology included an amazing video that was shot of Spoon Billed Sandpipers taking their first steps.  Spoon Billed Sandpipers are among the most threatened birds on the planet, and there are many conservation efforts to help protect this bird from becoming extinct.  The birds breed in the far east arctic tundra's of Russia and then migrate almost 8,000 km to Bangladash and Myanmar to their wintering grounds.  One of the reasons for the population decline seems to be trapping on the wintering grounds.  There is a reasonably high survival of nestlings who leave the breeding grounds to overwinter in Bangladash, but a very low percentage actually return. 

Education to stop the trapping of the birds and conservation breeding are two efforts that are currently in place to keep these birds from becoming extinct.  The video footage shot by the Cornell Lab for Ornithology and is a quite amazing look at these wonderful birds.  This is a video to raise awareness of the plight of the birds! Check it out at this link: and know that where ever you are in the country or world, land preservation and conservation efforts are doing their best to fight extinction of our native flora and fauna.  We hope you'll join the fight in your neck of the woods! If you live in southern Chester County we invite you to stop into our offices at the corners of Rt. 82 and 926, check out our website for upcoming events: or give us a call at 610-347-0347.

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