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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last one for a while....

So my guess on the last post is a House Sparrow.  House sparrows are an introduced species that are very prevalent in cities, farms, and human-disturbed areas.  These birds compete with our native birds for the same food sources, and they can clear out a feeder as quickly as you can fill it.  I'll give you some recommendations that I have heard (but as you can tell, haven't yet tried) for keeping House Sparrows from invading your feeder. 

I realize that this picture is hard to decipher, and I'm not asking about the Junco (slate colored bird) in the back of the photo, but the bird in the forefront.  This is another sparrow, I'll give you that much, but what sparrow is it?? I have a few guesses, and I think I know which one is correct, but I'll take your guesses on this one as well.  

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