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Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Backyard Bird Count...

So you may wonder why I've been showing you pictures of the birds in my backyard.  In addition to just sharing with you some of the things that I am seeing in my backyard--or at least able to photograph, of course all of the great birds that I have seen over the last year in my yard have eluded all photographs, I wanted to get everyone thinking about what birds might be living in their backyard.  

The Great Backyard Bird Count will be taking place February 15-February 18th and this is a great opportunity to play citizen scientist and help us to learn what birds are living in your backyard.  All you need is to create an account at: and then have your binoculars, bird book, and camera handy for a little bird counting throughout that weekend.  

**The camera is a great tool if you aren't entirely sure of the birds that you are identifying, I'm sure you have a friend that can help if you have a photograph!!  No matter where you live in the country, you can help out conservation organizations like The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County just by spending some time observing the wildlife that you find in your own backyard.  This can help us to learn about habitat fragmentation, conservation issues, and can help you to engage your family in the wonder of our natural resources.  If you live in Chester County, we encourage you to come out to some of our education programs throughout the year to learn more about bird identifications, amphibians, or all the other living things that we share our space with!! Check out our programs HERE

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