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Monday, January 21, 2013

In honor of MLK Jr. Day

On Sunday January 20th, TLC staff and Eugene Hough of Heritage Guild Works held a Volunteer Restoration Workshop at the Bucktoe Cemetery to continue the ongoing restoration project of the historic site.

Throughout the day, thirteen volunteers laid screenings (quarry dust) around the cemetery plots in order to located and differentiate each grave site, and also filled soil depressions to achieve a even ground level. Some volunteers searched for and marked unknown grave sites in the wooded section of the cemetery, along with removing large branches and trash. A few new possible grave sites were stumbled upon. Back then, rocks were often used to delineate a grave site in place of headstones, so volunteers were on the lookout for unmarked stones.

As this adventure continues, new and exciting information is often discovered, so stay tuned for the next opportunity to get involved in this unique piece of history. An archeological dig of the old church grounds is coming up this spring/summer!

A BIG thanks to all the volunteers on Sunday!!

Bucktoe Cemetery Volunteers

Two large piles of screenings (on right)

Bucktoe Cemetery without Screenings (before)

Both piles are gone after 5 hours! 

Bucktoe Cemetery with screenings (after)! 

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