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Monday, March 4, 2013

Management Thoughts

Today's photo will delve into invasive species management and perhaps a little riparian buffer ideas.

So, first, What is a Riparian buffer?  A riparian buffer is a vegetated area near a stream, usually forested, which helps shade and partially protect a stream from the impact of adjacent land uses.

As you can see from this photograph, the riparian buffer could use some filling out to aid with protection "buffering" of the stream area.  This area could be supplemented with some native trees and shrubs.  I would recommend:  Amelanchier canadensis (serviceberry),    Staphylea trifolia (American Bladdernut), Viburnum prunifolium (Blackhaw viburnum) and Nyssa sylvatica (Black Gum) for starters.  There are many native trees that would work in this area those are just a few suggestions.  The other things that are apparent to me from this picture are that there is a small population of Rubus phoenicolasius (Wineberry).  Mostly it is the reddish tinged plants along the bank. The wineberry in this area should be controlled by cutting the plant at the base and applying a dab of non-dilute glyphosate to the base of the plant.  It is always important to be very careful when using any chemicals close to a creek, but the method of actually directly applying a small dab (think a Q-Tip) onto the actual base of the plant will minimize any adverse affects.  Wineberry is typically very easy to pull out of the ground, but I would be concerned this would make the bank less stable.  If you are planting this area with shrubs,  I would probably just cut the multi-flora rose that is also around the bank, and keep after it until the trees shade it from getting too much sun.    

I realize these are just small snapshots of properties, but does it make it seem like a more feasible project when you are just looking at small portions of a project as opposed to an entire project?  

Make sure you look at "snapshots" of your property in order to achieve the management goals that you wish.  

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