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Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick--Florida needs you!

So at least in the legends St. Patrick is known as the "man who drove snakes out of Ireland".  Depending on your background, you may celebrate or know St. Patrick's Day for a variety of ways--in my family, it is the day you plant your snow peas--so if you are thinking of planting some peas this spring--I am giving you a day's notice to prep your garden.  Just as a news flash, I typically don't actually get my peas in until the end of March or beginning of April (don't tell my parents they would be so disappointed) and they still do just fine! 

I thought with all of my recent talk about invasives, it would be fun to check out the snake angle this year.  I briefly touched on how devastating the exotic snake problem is in the Everglades and throughout southern Florida, but you should hear what the Everglades National Park is saying.

Click on the photo below to read what the Everglades National Park has to say about their snake problem and why a St. Patrick would be a great boon to the ecology of the Everglades.  


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