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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekend To-Do List

So my to-do list has two main items on it for this weekend (actually it has a lot more than two--but two that specifically relate to all things nature). 

  • Make some sugar water and hang my hummingbird feeder.  If it is not already out, the hummingbirds are starting their trek back to their breeding grounds and will be happy to stop at refueling stations along the way.  The benefit to this--you may be the first one in your family to find a hummingbird this season, you may find a hummingbird that does not typically stay in our area, and the hummingbird feeder gives the Easter bunny another spot to put his eggs...
  • Another thing that is on my to-do list for the weekend is to FINALLY (at least I'm sure that is what my neighbors are probably thinking) trim the tall grasses and flowers that overwintered in my garden before the new growth begins.  The reason that I did not cut them back was not for a lack of time (or laziness if that is what you are thinking!) but because the seed heads provided a seed source for the birds and small mammals all winter long, it would have been especially helpful if we had substantial snow because the plants would have been above the snow.  Don't worry--I am not upset that we didn't have snow, if this past Monday was any indication, I never want to see snow again!! At any rate, I will finally be cutting back my plants to allow for this years growth! The other benefit to leaving the seed heads up all winter is that they spread themselves. I'll have a few more plants popping up throughout my garden, and maybe a few I need to thin out, so let me know if you are in the market for a new plant!

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