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Sunday, June 2, 2013

TLC Travels- Black Isle

Today we headed out from Aigas to explore the mosaic of habitats indicative of the Black Isle.  We got a great look of the resident bottle nose dolphins, cormorants, guillemots, and razor billed gulls from Chanory Point, said to be the best landward site in Europe. We took a whimsical hike through the Fairy Glen- a Royal Society for the Protection of Bird's Nature Preserve, followed by a look around Fortrose Cathdral, circa 14th century. CLICK HERE to see more photos from the Black Isle.

CLICK HERE to read TLC's Scotland host and owner of the Aigas Field Centre, John Lister-Kaye's article in The Telegraph. 
John Lister-Kaye: We should be worried about more than weather - Telegraph
As the coldest spring in 50 years creates havoc in the country, could darker forces also be at work?

Boarding Ecoventures on the Black Isle

Bottlenose Dolphins

Waterfalls at Fairy Glen

Fortrose Cathedral

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