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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TLC Bids Farewell to Aigas and the Scottish Highlands & Islands

TLC Travelers bid their final goodbye to the Aigas Field Center and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  Our two week stay included forays to a variety of Glens, Firths, Lochs, Castles, Cathedrals, Priories, Archaeological Sites, Wildlife Restoration Sites, such as Aigas' reintroduction of the European Beaver and the Scottish Wildcat, the Isle of Skye and Orkney.  We glimpsed bottle nosed dolphins, pine martins, beavers, raptors, wild flowers, such as the infamous Scottish blue bells, and the ever illusive Scottish Primrose and enjoyed chats with and stories by Sir John, feasts created by Lady Lucy, and adventures galore provided by Aigas Field Rangers under the guidance of Warwick Lister- Kaye.  Words cannot describe our experience, photos may afford it some justice, so please CLICK HERE to experience memories and images from our last days at Aigas. Images for TLC Travels that will last a lifetime, well at least until our next trip!  JOIN US- IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!
TLC Travelers Parting Shot 
Sir John and Lady Lucy with Shawn from Beauly Firth and  Glens Pipe Band 
Last Supper in the Aigas Hall
Green Roof Magnus Environmental Education Center at Aigas

Scoping for golden eagles at Glen Strathfarrar before heading to the airport

To learn more about our gracious hosts, naturalists and educators CLICK HERE 

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