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Friday, June 14, 2013

And you think a squirrel is a pest??

The PA-Birds list serve is a wonderful resource to find out about all of the bird sightings and events throughout southern Chester County.   A great story and photographs worth sharing came across the list serve--if you think you have trouble with squirrels at your bird feeders, check out this MI man's encounter with his feeders.  The pictures are worth it!!

-- Shared using Google Toolbar My  birdfeeders were safe inside the doghouse for over two weeks...until this  morning. Very bold bear ate its fill while it watched me take pictures. There  were actually two bears in the yard.
The other had a light snout, and appeared  to be last years cub. Plan B is putting the feeders hanging from the peak of  my house, and filling from a stepladder, which is what I did last year. north  of Ishpeming, where the Blackflies and Black Bears roam  free!

If you are at all interested in learning more about birds (in addition to attending our wonderful birding programs--more information on our website: ) you can sign up for the list serve at:

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