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Friday, December 6, 2013

Mobbing of Crows

You should always be alert when you come across a rowdy bunch of crows!  Chances are high that they are harassing some poor unsuspecting raptor or mammal.  Sometimes it is with good reason, but I do not think that they will ever tell us the whole story.  I happened to be out in the woods when I heard the racket of a bunch of crows.  I glanced quickly through the tree tops to see if I could spot the hawk or owl, but did not see anything.  Just as we started to move off, my friend noted movement, and saw an owl sitting there seemingly irritated by all of the noise.  We were able to get a great look at him/her from afar and the photos are a bit blurry.   Can you pick out the owl??   Though my viewing window was limited, I *think* it was a Long Eared Owl.  It seemed too small for a Great Horned and too large for a Screech Owl.  The other native owls that are typically found in our area: Saw-Whet, Barred, and Short - Eared Owls all lack the ear tufts that were definitely present.  It was most definitely NOT a Barn Owl. 

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