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Monday, August 27, 2012

Common Nighthawk

Nicknamed the "big bat with headlights" the Common Nighthawk has a very distinct flying pattern.  If you are gazing up into the evening sky around dusk, you just may catch a glimpse of a small flock flying overhead in the next few weeks. 

Their flight pattern is choppy and erratic, and combined with a large body and sleek wings, they look like large bats cruising through the air.  The white wing patches give them the "headlight" look.  When they are sitting on a branch they take on an "owl like" appearance. Make sure to keep your eyes open for this unusual bird in the evenings this fall.  This photograph helps to put the bird in perspective.  

Happy birding! Hawk migration is just beginning so keep your eyes to the skies for some of the neat birds that will be cruising past.

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