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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blooming in my late summer garden

My garden is taking over the late summer bloom phase, though I worry that it is going to be an early fall.  Underneath of my 8' high ironweed what was formerly known as: Eupatorium coelestinum and is now called: Conoclinium coelestinum (Hardy Ageratum/Blue Mistflower) which is just starting to bloom and should continue to show color through October.  This plant will grow 2-3' in height and when happy will readily spread through rhizomes so keep this in mind in your garden.  My plants live in partial shade so they tend to stay less aggressive than advertised. 

Happily spreading is a definite trait that I look for in my plants! The more aggressive plants that I have, the less I have to weed.  I have actually only weeded my garden three times this entire summer, and contrary to popular belief it is NOT full of weeds (my husband hasn't quite warmed up to all of the Asclepias and Solidago) species planted in the garden yet.  The only thing that I have done less than weed my garden is water it! I know you are jealous--Native plants when happy, do great without too much help from us!

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