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Monday, April 1, 2013

New Parking Area at Stateline Woods Preserve

Some of you may have already noticed the new gravel parking area at Stateline Woods Preserve that was just installed this past march. After a lot of planning and effort the parking area is now complete and ready to be used. First, we spread the old wood chips along the trees on the northern boarder. Then we dug a drainage ditch and laid down piping to keep gravel from washing out. Finally, we tacked down geotextile and spread gravel over the entire surface area to provide a suitable parking area.

 Now trail users can park their cars at Stateline without the fear of getting stuck! Plus cars will stay cleaner, unless of course your dogs decide to romp around in the mud and jump over your back seats like some dogs I know; that we cannot help you with.

Thanks to Jeff Arriza and Sean Collins for providing much needed assistance with the preparation and installation of the parking area. We hope parking at Stateline is a more enjoyable experience now and I'll see you out on the trails!

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