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Friday, August 30, 2013

TLC "Identifications" at your service..

The other day, I received a text from one of our volunteers.  There was a picture attached, and it said--

"Any idea what kind of snake this was? It was in my yard this morning"

This is a common email/text that we get from our TLC volunteers--and we're always happy to identify the newest thing they found in their yard!! 

After consulting with my handy reptile guide book, because snakes are one species that I actually avoid meeting at all costs, I believe that we are looking at a Eastern Garter Snake.  Any suggestions/corrections are welcome!

Just think--in addition to helping TLC spread their mission, as a volunteer you have quick access to the TLC staff as your in the field identification.  Help us today by contacting our office at: 610-347-0347 ext. 101 or

In the meantime--watch where you walk in case you find yourself toe to face with one of the 21 species of snakes native to PA.

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