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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Show at Stateline Woods

I happened to find myself at Stateline Woods the other evening as the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful clear evening, and before the light even left the sky two Great Horned Owls started to serenade me from the property.  I sadly, never was able to take that Astronomy class at college and have no clue as to what is actually in the sky but I noticed a really bright object just beneath the moon before the sun had officially set.   I eventually realized that I had downloaded the Night Sky app on my phone (yup there really is an app for that!) and found out that I was looking at Venus--which apparently is going to be really bright just after sunset for the next few nights.

A little more research and I found out that it is prudent to keep your eyes to the skies for the next month because of comets, meteor showers, and very visible planets.  A word to the wise is that all of TLC's preserves are open from dawn until dusk, SO join us for our Winter Solstice celebration (and the shortest day OR longest night of the year!) on December 21st to enjoy the nighttime wonders of Stateline Woods.  That will be a prime opportunity to listen for the vocal Great Horned Owls and maybe a few of our Screech Owl residents, while enjoying the stars atop Crossfield Hill.  You can register for this fun family evening HERE.   The kids will be able to help decorate our holiday tree with edible treats for the birds!!

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