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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Assasin Bugs

These folks were hanging out at TLC's Apiary the other day.  They may look innocent enough, but they are in the "Assassin Bug" family, and have a bite that is worse than their bark.  This is NOT the bug to pick up and bring inside your house to get a better look  at.  The Wheel Bug or Arilus cristatus attacks its prey by stabbing them with the fangs on the front of its head.  If you happen to disturb this insect--you will get to experience the stabbing for yourself.  Hopefully these two were busy enough with other encounters that they decided not to bother attacking any of the hard working bees in our hive. 

**Since we were at the apiary, I thought that I would mention that TLC has introduced a new campaign to help us create an educational pavilion and open hive at the TLC apiary.  Check out Inside The Hive and help us to reach our goal.  Spread the word to all of your friends.  Every little bit counts!!

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