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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Can you ID the tree without its leaves?

As our trees and shrubs loose their leaves, we should still be able to identify them.   Over the course of the winter, I'll help you to identify distinguishing characteristics of the trees based on their branching characteristics, buds, leaf scars, and habitat.

(and maybe someone else can identify the sparrow in the photograph--House? Song?)

 Take note of the branch characteristics--

  • Are they opposite or alternate?
  • What color are the branches? ** for this shrub especially this is a distinguishing feature--in fact it's common name has the color of the branch in it!
It is hard to tell with this photograph, but another distinguishing factor that helps with winter tree identification are the leaf scars and the shape of the buds.  I will take some other photographs later which will help with the bud identification, but this shrub should be identifiable as is.  

Other hints: this shrub is native to south eastern PA, flowers in the spring, and likes to be in wetter areas. 

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