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Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Ducks

One of these ducks does not look like the other in this picture.  The darker duck in the background with the blue wing tips is an American Black Duck which is a close relative of the Mallard.  They were enjoying the pond until we disturbed them on our monitoring walk.  The best way to prevent Canadian Geese from taking up residence on your pond (and encouraging more ducks) is to change the habitat so that there is growth all around the edge of the pond.  Geese do not like their flight patterns to be broken up by trees, and they prefer to nest in the short open grass where they can see their predators coming while ground nesting ducks, prefer to nest in taller growth where they can remain hidden.

You can encourage wood duck habitat by installing nesting boxes. Feel free to contact TLC if you have more questions regarding nesting boxes or schedule a Landscape Visionaries session to discuss habitat improvements on your property. 

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