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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Archeological Digs

Two students sifting through soil in search of artifacts. 
Adjacent to TLC's sister preserve, the Bucktoe Creek Preserve, lies a historic African-American Civil War cemetery, known as the Bucktoe Cemetery, and owned by the New Garden UAME Church. During the mid-1800's through the 1900's, the church and cemetery were located on the same site along Bucktoe Road in Avondale. Due to an unfortunate accident, the church was burned down and relocated to Linden Street in Kennett Square in 1904, where it remains today. Crystal Crampton and other members of the New Garden UAME Church have rallied together in conjunction with TLC and Heritage Guild Works to restore and further investigate the historic cemetery. Part of the investigation goals were to explore the original church foundation for artifacts or other clues of the past. Last week a group of about thirty students from the Technical College High School located in West Grove, traveled to the cemetery to assist us in an archaeological dig of the church foundation.

Unknown metal artifact found.

An ongoing list of unique artifacts were recorded and bagged. Artifacts included, nails, pieces of brick, charcoal, mortar, and glass bottles. Digs such as these take time and patience, but can eventually reveal helpings of historic information about the site. One or two more digs will be open to public throughout the summer before the students return again in the fall to see how the site has progressed. Contact if you may be interested in volunteering for an archaeological dig over the summer.

Group shot on day 1. Eugene Hough, of Heritage Guild Works on left. Students of TCHS center. Tom Mayo of New Garden UAME Church on right. 

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