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Thursday, May 30, 2013

TLC Travels- Scottish Highlands Continued!

Isle of Skye, Portree
Day 6: Isle of Skye 

We have received more updates from our TLC group traveling throughout Scotland. They traveled from Aigas House in Beauly via Shieldaig to Isle of Skye, and are staying three days at Viewfield, a former Victorian hunting estate. The current landscape of Skye is the result of intense volcanic activity over millions of years with continuous moulding due to natural forces of ice, wind and sea. During their time at Skye, the group will visit scenic landmarks such as, the great mountain range of Cuillin, the deep western sea lochs, volcanic landforms, and the most sheltered straths and glens in the south.
Apothecary Tower Isle of Skye
All of these features combine to create an island of unique character, rich in flora, fauna and turbulent history. Friday the group will continue south to The Kyle Line. Stay tuned and click here to view more pictures from the Isle of Skye! 
Viewfield, former Victorian hunting estate.

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  1. That is actually not a battlement pictured -as we later learned after climbing up to the top for a spectacular view of the harbor-it is an apothecary tower meant to let sailors know that there was a doctor and medical supplies available in Portree.


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