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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Earth Celebrations

Here at TLC, we were so fortunate to have been asked to participate in several community Earth Day events throughout the end of April. We spread the word of land conservation to all members of the community. Did you attend any of these events with TLC?

Dansko: Take Your Child to Work Day

TLC's apiarist, Dan Borkoski, brought in a travel hive to demonstrate the importance and function of honeybees. Kids were able to try on the veils, observe the queen bee roam about the hive, and make candles from beeswax purchased ahead of time. If interested in seeing the TLC hives, join us at our New Leaf EcoCenter for Open Hive Days. You can Register here!

YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Thanks to the YMCA for having TLC out for a beautiful afternoon in downtown Kennett Square to meet local organizations making a difference in the lives of our youth. Rock climbing walls, moon bounce and dancing galore! 

YMCA Healthy Kids Day
TLC also held two programs over the weekend for community members to celebrate the spring weather! Kyle Loucks led a group through the wetlands of Bucktoe Creek Preserve in search of herps: salamanders, snakes, frogs and turtles. Eleven species were spotted throughout the program and included; northern green frog, two-lined salamander, dusky salamander, toad salamander, red back salamander, pickerel frog, painted turtle, bullfrog, wood frog tadpole, garter snake, and spring peepers. 

Dusky Salamander


The following day's program was a little less slimy: Wildflowers. Botanist, Janet Ebert, showcased the blooming beauties of Bucktoe Creek Preserve. Countless flowers and plants were discussed as we meandered through the woodlands and meadows including, spring beauty, wild geranium, nodding trillium, dead nettle, star of Bethlehem, sensitive fern, wild madder, and more! Dwarf ginseng was one of my favorites of the day (pictured right). In July it should begin producing a yellow cluster of berries, which I'm excited to check out. I read a little more information on it, and found that american indians used dwarf ginseng in teas to cure several aliments such as, headaches and hives. 

Janet Ebert and participants viewing a fern. 
Dwarf Ginseng (Panax trifolius)

Following the wildflower walk, TLC held a program for the girl scouts to receive their wildflower badges. Eighteen girls interviewed Janet Ebert about a flower's structure, role in the ecosystem, and medicinal properties. TLC volunteers helped the girls create terrariums as a requirement for their craft.

Girl Scouts enjoying a "flower" snack. 

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